Friday, October 19, 2012

Old Findings

So I found one of my old Moleskines on the shelf and was pretty amused by what I rediscovered inside. I'm sure this was all from 2009. I don't think any of these sketches turned into anything and where all probably made sitting through critiques.

 These Moleskines hold watercolor so well.

 Who really needs anatomy anyway?

 One of the only few pencil sketches I found inside.

Well, of course we all know what this animal is don't we?

 What did I do this for? It looks like I was thinking through some assignment for a product design because I found several dildo sketches in the pages following this, which I left out for decency's sake. I wonder how many industrial designers consider the adult toy industry as a career option?

 This, I do remember. We had to make make a book about a fellow student.

 This is how I typically take notes for non-art related things.

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